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article # 02 - used by permission

The 5 secrets to licking female armpits

The special information no female armpit fan should be without!

Lick armpits to stimulate orgasms

Unearth your partner’s primal desires by stimulating their armpit glands? It’s true. Although this sexual practice was discovered centuries ago – it has been practiced and cherished only by Eastern countries until recently. Many simply do not have the principal knowledge or patience required to bring their mate to supreme levels of ecstasy by oral stimulation of the underarm. However, we have attempted to simplify the process and put YOU on the path toward a masterful understanding of the craft of armpit licking in order to turbo boost your sex life into the next level. This information is provided to Armpit-Sex readers for FREE.

Stop regarding your tongue as just another muscle, for it’s a finely crafted instrument made, in part, for sexual stimulation. The tongue is so precise, that it enables us to speak in every language, to digest, to taste, to whistle, and so much more. Best of all, it enables us to SEXUALLY CHARGE members of the opposite sex!

The Tip Approach

Ease of mastery: easy
Frequency of practice: daily

The tip of the tongue is by far the most sensitive region of the tongue. It allows us to taste sweet flavors as it contains a tightly-packed accumulation of taste buds. These taste buds are input receptors and you need only to train them to be your personal surveyors of your oral sexual technique. Practice the “probing” method by finding any orifice on your partner’s body, such as the navel or the eardrum, and pushing in your tongue as far as it will go. With daily practice, you can strengthen your tongue and make it protrude farther than ever within about two weeks time. When you have reached this level of mastery, you can then begin reaching a woman’s G-spot through cunnilingus or stimulate their armpit glands through poking to provide hyper-enhanced sexual experiences.


Ease of mastery: easy
Frequency of practice: daily

Ever wonder how you cat or dog laps up water into its mouth while standing? Nature has a simple procedure – called “practice”. It takes only a few attempts for a kitten or puppy to begin lapping at water when it’s able to begin cradling it within the tough and bringing it to the mouth. As humans, we simply do not exercise this inherent skill because we’re able to contort ourselves to other positions (not to mention our ability to manufacture drinking receptacles and aids, such as straws). Try it three or four nights this week – you’ll be surprised at the results. Just look at the skill you never thought you had! Or do you already have this skill? If you already perform oral stimulation on a woman’s pussy then you’ve already strengthened your lapping muscles and can learn this technique in half the time. Besides the vagina, lapping is best when used on the neck and the armpits of your partner. While the neck is ideal for foreplay, if you opt for the wildly pleasing armpit-licking approach, hesitate until shortly before orgasm and surprise your partner. The resulting rush of adrenaline will be well worth it.


Ease of mastery: medium
Frequency of practice: varies

Mopping can be described as a single loooong, sloooow, drawn-out lap. The entire upper surface of the tongue is utilized and the tongue is rocked back and forth to utilize more of its surface. How it works is that as the surface of the tongue touches something, such as the sexy area under a woman’s arms – it becomes saturated with saliva. This improves taste reception and aids in lubrication. Across the board, 2 out of 5 of the armpit models contracted at attest that the Mopping technique is their most desirable form of sexual oral enhancement. To mop someone’s armpits with your tongue takes a little practice, mostly because your tongue has to be “tuned” into excreting more saliva. Just remember, the more saliva you excrete – the more lubrication your partner will be excreting from the genitals! Mopping is radically pleasing among hirsute women with bushy armpits and their loving partners. Often the tongue can savor the pristine aromatic juices that sweat out of a person’s armpit glands. Use mopping when no other form of armpit porn will stimulate your partner.

Check them out! CLICK HERE for shaved OR CLICK HERE for hairy


Ease of mastery: Depends on experience and genetics
Frequency of use: daily

If you’re lucky enough to have a rough tongue, you’re in for some serious lovemaking! Rough tongues are the crème of the crop among armpit enthusiasts because of their “exceptionally pleasing and invigorating qualities”, one interviewee states. “Imagine a kitten cleaning its skin using its own tongue, for example, and then imagine that kind of power working to provide you or your partner with straight sexual gratification.” When asked whereabouts a rogue tongue is put to best use, claims abounded. “On the labia”, one lady pronounced. “On the side of my neck or in my ear”, exclaimed another. “Directly on my armpits!” shouted a confident young model – and others were quick to agree. Armpit licking has been a sexual secret for years, for centuries in some countries, and American women are only recently beginning to discover it. Armpit enthusiasts who frequent related sites such as Yahoo groups and the online armpit magazine rave that armpit licking pumps up their sexual stimulation to extreme levels. “We call it scratching” claims a young college student with an active sexual lifestyle. “My boyfriend scratches my underarms with his tongue just like a cat licks its fur. It gets me turned on more that oral sex even.” When asked if her armpits were kept shaved or hairy – the student responded that she has tried a bit of both and it’s pleasurable in different ways. “My boyfriend tried to clean my armpit hair with his tongue. It tickled so much but I loved it like you wouldn’t f*****g believe”. Rough tongues equals more fun.


Ease of mastery: easy, if genetically possible
Frequency of use: occasional

Curling is only possible if you’re genetically fortunate enough to be able to roll the sides of your tongue up to form a straw shape. If you have this ability, you likely picked it up as a child and therefore it’s quite easy to do. With practice, you can retain the curled position longer. Those less fortunate should consider licking a womans armpits using the Tip Approach or Mopping instead.
Use curling to probe and explore a woman’s naked armpits or fondle the soft pubic hairs under her arms if she’s a natural hirsute woman. Curling provides a sexually arousing sensation when the tongue is applied directly to a bare armpit and used as a straw to savor the sweaty droplets found there among her smelly aromatic underarm regions. When caressing or licking a woman using the curling method, be sure to fondle her breasts (or, for ladies, the man’s nipples) to further enhance the flow of arousing sensations. Men, never underestimate the power of direct sex with armpits to make your woman explode with ecstasy. Curling is a simple and effective means of making your mate hot and bothered.

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